‘Foundations’ is the collective adventure our studio takes to excavate the deepest roots and essence of what inspires meaningful, responsible, and timeless architecture. The magnitude and breadth of inspiration the state of Texas provides reflects its prodigious geography and history.

From its sharp limestone cliffs, across its vast prairies, to the cavernous depths in the earth, we illuminate the materiality, texture, and scale of the state of Texas through a deep devotion to craft, texture, and detail.

Our approach to creating human habitat is merely a corollary of our initial recognition of the timeless context surrounding us. Every site can whisper inspirations to our continual investigation into the fundamental act of dwelling. To dwell isn’t just to occupy; it’s to prepare, plan, survive, and thrive across time.

Every solution exists as a function of the now and the future equally. Moment creation, retreat, craft, and a sense of repose, are seminal to the idea of dwelling itself.