Kyle H. McCollum – AIA, NCARB

Member of American Institute of Architects & National Council of Architectural Registration Board

Texas Board of Architectural Examiners #25554

      A native of Austin for 20 years and Texan by birth, Kyle H. McCollum holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin.  Founded in 2015, McCollum Studio Architects is an Austin based full service architecture and design firm that specializes in custom residential, commercial, and sustainable architecture throughout the U.S.  With a deep devotion and attention to all of the influences that inspire design, we reflect the spirit, creativity, passion, and integrity that makes Austin such an exciting & hopeful place to be.  Before splitting off, Kyle worked for 10 years as Project Architect on numerous award winning small to large scale residential projects as a part of the renowned James D. LaRue Architects, for whose leadership and mentorship, will be eternally thanked.  Before that, Kyle worked for long established James Holland Architects, and award winning William Hablinski Architecture in Beverly Hills, California.  As a result, Kyle has extensive experience in the practice of architecture as well as experience in framing and carpentry during his tenure at Allen Valliant, Inc., a renowned and award winning framing & in commercial construction as an estimator for Harvey Cleary Builders, a prominent commercial contractor in the state of Texas.  Kyle is currently devoted to the A20 non-profit organization by assisting in the design and development of Nicole’s Place, a refuge for young adults and teens escaping the sex trafficking industry.  He is also a contributing member to Stand Up 8 non- profit that helps find immediate housing solutions and services for young adopted children from broken homes.
        At McCollum Studio Architects, We specialize in visualizing the potential of the unbuilt or existing environment.  As a custom residential and commercial architecture firm based in Austin, Texas, our careful and dedicated approach to creating a compelling story of every project, allows our client’s dreams to become a reality. even the smallest esoteric elements that are often overlooked can become a huge source of inspiration in a project.  Our talented team enjoys exploring intricate, creative, and alternative design solutions to traditional energy intensive and dependent construction while preserving the highest standard of design excellence and construction quality.  We constantly question how the architecture can be more responsive to the subtleties in one’s lifestyle, and how changes in technology can present new methods or systems that are practical, affordable, and sustainably engaged or managed by a customer or owner.  Outside of work, Kyle is a mentor in the ACE Mentorship program of Austin that provides guidance and mentorship to young aspiring architects, contractors, and designers as they progress through their academic careers and advance into the job market.  Kyle also enjoys productive travel, playing with his dog, or working on his house.  As part of Kyle’s travels, he performed missionary work in the Dominican Republic to help rebuild a primary school, and 3 adjacent cottages after an devastating earthquake.  He also served as a volunteer in the post Katrina New Orleans clean up effort by assisting local and regional community groups in potential community cleanup plans, utility establishment strategies, and deploying temporary housing solutions.  Kyle is a long standing member of the AIA Homes Tour Committee, as well as being a homeowner, landlord, and his own handyman.  Kyle is a founding partner of Lazarus Brewing Co. on E. 6th St., a local Austin microbrewery.  When Kyle is not absorbing the latest documentary, he can be found turning the pages of an informative book, working in his home garden, or wandering around an art gallery.